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  • Caleffi Micro-bubbles Air Separator - 251003A

    - 3/4 inch NPT - 320 Degrees

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Caleffi Automatic High Discharge Air Vent 251003A is used for filling and starting solar heating systems to discharge even large quantities of air that has formed in the circuits. This function is performed even when there is considerable pressure thanks to the special geometry of the discharge mechanism, which is identical to the one on DISCAL 551 series deaerators. The Caleffi 251003A automatic air vent valves has been specifically designed to work at high temperature with a glycol medium, which is typical of solar heating systems.


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Technical Specs

Caleffi Automatic High Discharge Air Vent 251003A Techs and Specs

  • Connection
    3/4 Inch
  • Connection
    NPT Female
  • Body
  • Chrome plated
  • connections
    Female to Female
  • Maximum percentage of glycol
  • Maximum working pressure
    150 psi
  • Maximum discharge pressure
    150 psi
  • Working temperature range
    minus 25 Degree F to 320 Degree F
  • Application
    Solar heating only
  • Warrnty
    1 year

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