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  • Caleffi Safety Relief Valve 60 psi - 253044

    - 1/2 inch female x 3/4 inch female - Solar Heating Systems

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The safety relief valves manufactured by Caleffi are produced in compliance with the essential safety requirements of the Directive 97/23/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union for the Harmonization of Member States with regard to pressurized equipment.

These safety relief valves are used to control pressure in the primary circuits of solar heating systems. When the calibrated pressure is reached, the valve opens to release the fluid into the atmosphere and prevents the pressure in the system from reaching levels that might damage the solar collectors and equipment. These particular series of products have been specially made and certified to work at high temperature with a glycol medium.

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Technical Specs

Caleffi Safety Relief Valve 253044 Techs and Specs

  • Glycol Maximum Percentage
  • Maximum Discharge Pressure
    60 PSI
  • Working temperature range
    minus 25 Degree F to 320 Degree F
  • Input outlet
    1/2 Inch female
  • Discharge outlet
    3/4 Inch female
  • Discharge capacity
    180,000 BTU