• Caleffi SolarPlate Flat Plate Collector - NAS10408

    - 32,000 Btu/day - 4 feet by 8 feet

    Product ID • NAS104080000

  • This Product is no longer available through It has either been discontinued, made obsolete, or is no longer available for sale. Please select another product.


Caleffi Solar Panel NAS10408 is a 32,000 Btu rated solar flat panel. Use the Power of the Sun to heat Domestic Hot Water, Pools and Space Heating.  Flat panels are better suited in warmer areas, whereas, evacuated tubes are better in colder areas because of the insulated tubes.

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Technical Specs

Caleffi SolarFlat Flat Plate Collector NAS10408 Techs and Specs

  • Frame sizes
    4 feet x 8 feet
  • Btu
    32,000 BTU
  • Connections
    1 Inch headers, 1 Inch union thread connection, 1/2 Inch tube to fin copper absorber plate
  • Selective crystal absorber coating
    0.96 absorptivity, 0.08 emissivity
  • Glazing seal
    Extruded "U" channel EPDM
  • Working temperature range
    minus 40 Degree F to 350 Degree F
  • Maximum pressure
    150 psi
  • Working pressure
    90 psi
  • Rating
    SRCC rated, Category C

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