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  • Toyotomi OM-148 Thermistor - 20476473 - Non-returnable

    Product ID • T20476473000

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This part works for - OM-148 Toyotomi Oil Water Heaters


The Toyotomi OM-148 Oil Water Heater T20476473 Thermistor is used to regulate the temperature of the heated water. It automatically operates the burner when the temperature of the water drops below the set temperature and stops heating when the temperature of water rises higher than the set temperature.

The temperature control system is composed of the temperature sensing thermistor, the variable resistor at the temperature setting section, the IC at the control section, and the transistor at the switching section. The control section and the switches are integrated. Electric resistance of the thermistor is reduced as the temperature of water increases. Electric resistance increases as the temperature decreases. The Thermistor interacts with the main circuit board for automatic burner operation. The Thermistor is used for both a temperature regulator and an overheat preventive device.

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