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  • Toyotomi OM-148 Empty Burning Preventitive Electrode - 20476407 - Non-returnable

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This part works for - OM-148 Toyotomi Oil Water Heaters


Toyotomi OM148 Empty Burning Preventitive Electrode for BS-36UFF or OM-148 Oil Water Heaters - Part Number 20476407.

The Empty Burning Preventive Electrode is used to send direct current between the electrode (positive potential) and the heat exchanger (negative potential). This weak charge flows through the water of the heat exchanger to determine if there is water left in the heat exchanger. Since no electric current flows if the heat exchanger has no water inside, the burner cannot be operated. Checking the operation is done by measuring the current between the empty burning electrode and its lead wires.

The Empty Burning Preventive Electrode and its neighboring parts -such as the socket- may become coated with calcium carbonates from water. This may cause the electrode to malfunction and make it impossible to see if there is water in the water heater. Remove the electrode at lease once a year, to check to see if it is suitable for use.

Care should be taken not to damage the electrode with a file, when removing calcium carbonate deposits on the electrode. Do not use a stainless brush or any other hard brush for cleaning the electrode.

After cleaning the electrode, reinstall it and add water to the water heater. Rinse the heat exchanger with water, and then drain off the deposits through the drain valve.

This part are non-returnable - so make sure you know what you are getting. If you did not buy the OM-148 Oil Water Heater from us - we will not be able to help you trouble shoot any of your issues - please contact an installer for help or contact Toyotomi USA Directly.

If this is not the part you are looking for or you don't see the Toyotomi OM-148 Oil Water Heaters Paart on our site that you are looking for - first try the search on the top of every page to find the part before you call us.


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