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  • Sime Format Zip Fan - BIN 8075 - 6225633 - Includes 175.00 for return deposit

    - See Notes about Core Return Conditions - BIN 8075

    Product ID • 623092200000

  • $856.75
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This part works for - Sime Format Zip and Embassy Celsior Boilers


Sime Format Zip Fan - BIN 8075 - 6225633 - Includes 175.00 for return deposit 

Unfortunately this fan has been obsoleted by the Manufacturer.  In an effort to keep these boilers running, The Manufacturer has initiated a Fan re-conditioning program.  If you choose to continue with this order, the fan you would receive has been re-conditioned by the Manufacturer.  The cost of this part includes a 175.00 Deposit.  If you return the fan back to us, you will receive the 175.00 deposit back in the form of a credit on the card used for purchase. The old fan must be returned to Houseneeds within 30 days of delivery of your re-conditioned part. 

Please respond to this e-mail to confirm that you understand and agree before we can process your order.

This Sime 35BF Replacement Part is non-returnable - so make sure you know what you are getting. If you did not buy the Sime 35BF Gas Boiler from us - we will not be able to help you trouble shoot your issue - please contact Sime or an installer for help.

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