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  • Rinnai Space Heaters Flame Rod - 1001F-104-2X02 - Non-returnable

    Product ID • 1001F1042X00

  • $16.75
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This part works for - Rinnai Heaters 1004FA, ES38, EX17, EX22 heaters and R53i CONTINUUM


Rinnai Gas Space Heater Flame Rod For 1004FA, ES38, EX17, EX22 Heaters - Part Number 1001F-104-2X02.

This part are non-returnable - so make sure you know what you are getting. If you did not buy the Rinnai Gas Space Heater or Furnace from us - we will not be able to help you trouble shoot any of your issues - please contact an installer for help or contact Rinnai USA Directly.

If this is not the part you are looking for or you don't see the Rinnai Gas Space Heater Part on our site that you are looking for - first try the search on the top of every page to find the part before you call us.

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