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  • HTP Munchkin Elite and Contender Boiler Relief Valve - 3-4 MX - 7250P-080 - Non-returnable

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This part works for - HTP Most Munchkin, Elite and Elite Plus Boilers


HTP Munchkin Elite and Contender Boiler Relief Valve - 3-4 MX - 7250P-080 - Non-returnable

This HTP (Heat Transfer Prodeucts) Gas Boiler Replacement Part is non-returnable - so make sure you know what you are getting, if not please contact HTP or an installer for help.

Works for:

HTP Munchkin - Honeywell Series (Produced Before 11/01/02) --> 80M, 140M, 199M
HTP Munchkin Boilers R1 (Produced During 11/01/02 - 12/19/06) --> T50M, T80M, 80M, 140M, 199M, 399M
HTP Munchkin Boilers R2 (Produced After 12/20/06) --> T50M, T80M, 80M, 140M, 199M, 199 VWH, 399M, 399 VWH
HTP Contender Boilers --> MC50, MC80, MC99, MC120
HTP Elite EFT --> EFT-55, EFT-80, EFT-110, EFT-155, EFT-199
HTP Elite Plus--> ELP-110, ELP-199
HTP Elite Premier --> EP-80, EP-110, EP-150, EP-220, EP-299, EP-399

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