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  • Embassy Celsior Fan - BIN 8075 - 6225633 - Includes 175.00 for return deposit - Please See Info Below

    Product ID • 6230922EMBAS

  • This Product is no longer available through It has either been discontinued, made obsolete, or is no longer available for sale. Please select another product. Please click here to see Replacement Product.

This part works for - Sime Format Zip and Embassy Celsior Boilers


Embassy Celsior Fan - BIN 8075 - 6225633 - Includes 175.00 for return deposit 

Unfortunately this fan has been obsoleted by the Manufacturer.  In an effort to keep these boilers running, The Manufacturer has initiated a Fan re-conditioning program.  If you choose to continue with this order, the fan you would receive has been re-conditioned by the Manufacturer.  The cost of this part includes a 175.00 Deposit.  If you return the fan back to us, you will receive the 175.00 deposit back in the form of a credit on the card used for purchase. The old fan must be returned to Houseneeds within 30 days of delivery of your re-conditioned fan. 

If you choose to order this part, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us.  Please respond to this e-mail to confirm that you understand and agree before we can process your order.

This Embassy Celsior Boiler Replacement Part is non-returnable - so make sure you know what you are getting.

If you did not buy the Embassy Celsior Gas Boiler from us - we will not be able to help you trouble shoot your issue - please contact Embassy or an installer for help.

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