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  • Bosch Aquastar 1000P Water Valve Venturi - 8708205279 - Non-Returnable

    - LOC 3975

    Product ID • 870820527900

  • $8.75
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This part works for - Bosch Aquastar 1000P, 1600P, 1600H, 520PN, 520HN, 330PN Water Heaters


Bosch Aquastar 1000P Water Valve Venturi - 8708205279 - Non-Returnable.

Warning!  All parts are non-returnable.

Bosch Aquastar Water Heater repair parts ship via Fedex or USPS. Most small, light weight parts on this page ship via Post Office.

The Bosch 1000P is similar gas tankless water heater 38B, but not exact. So if you have an Aquastar 38B - we recommend that you go to the parts page for the 38B and not use this one.

When directly purchasing a service part, the buyer is responsible for its safe installation and repair, and cannot hold Bosch Water Heating or liable for any improper use or installation of that service part.

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