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  • Biasi Riva Flat Gasket 1/2 inch - RI BI1001106 - Non-returnable

    - BIN 3105

    Product ID • RIBI10011060

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This part works for - Riva and Riva Plus Gas Boilers


Basi Riva Plus Condensing Hydronic Gas Boiler Flat Gasket 1/2 inch RI BI1001106 for Riva Plus Condensing Boilers or Riva Non-Condensing Boilers.

These parts are non-returnable - so make sure you know what you are getting. If you did not buy the Biasi Riva Boiler from us - we will not be able to help you trouble shoot any of your issues - please contact an installer for help.  The Biasi Riva Plus Flat Gasket 1/2 inch RI BI1001106 is non-returnable.

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