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  • Housepex Premium 3/8 inch Pex Crimping Tool - 9201 STS

    - Comes with Crimp Caliper GO/NO-GO

    Product ID • 9201STS00000

  • This Product is no longer available through It has either been discontinued, made obsolete, or is no longer available for sale. Please select another product.


HousePEX 9201 STS PEX Crimping Tool. PEX Crimping Tools For PEX Tubing. Crimpers for 3/8 inch PEX Tubing

The PEX Crimp Tools are used to Clamp PEX Tubing onto copper pipe or brass fittings. PEX Crimping Tool uses copper crimp rings to secure a successful connection. The PEX Tubing Crimping System is also easy to use and an economical option for attaching PEX to a fitting. The PEX Tubing Crimp System is used with any standard ASTM size PEX pipe such as HousePEX, Viega, Heatlink or Mr PEX (Except Aluminum PEX-AL-PEX). The PEX Crimp Tool 9201 STS is compatible with 3/8 inch PEX Tubing.

HousePEX 9201 STS PEX Crimping Tool works for either Plumbing PEX Tubing or Radiant Heat PEX Tubing Systems.

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