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  • Legend HyperPure Plumbing Tubing - 3/8 inch - 500-38-100

    - 100 Foot Roll - Domestic Water Only - Natural Color

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Legend HyperPure Plumbing Tubing - 3/8 inch by 100 Foot Roll - Natural Color - 500-38-100.

Bimodal technology produces a resin that has strength and flexibility due to its unique molecular structure. Early generations of polyethylene were not strong and resilient enough for U. S. plumbing systems. This is why cross-linking with chemical additives, steam baths, and/or radiation was necessary. Utilizing HYPERTHERMTM Resins from The Dow Chemical Company, the most advanced bimodal PE-RT resins today, Legend has manufactured a PE-RT tubing with more strength and as much flexibility as PEX without any cross-linking.

As a result, plumbing systems using HyperPure™ bimodal PE-RT will have a longer life than those using other polyethylene, CPVC, or copper piping. HyperPureTM is flexible, lays flat and is easy to install. Fewer fittings can be used resulting in greater labor savings. It has all the advantages of PEX tubing in addition to being compatible with most fitting systems. The tubing can be used in traditional, home run and hybrid piping systems. Unlike PEX, it can be fused to create a continuous leak-proof plumbing system. HyperPureTM is 100% recyclable, thereby reducing waste materials at the job site. This technologically
advanced tubing provides plumbers with an environmentally friendly material for their potable water system that won’t end up in a landfill.

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Technical Specs

Legend HyperPure Plumbing Pex Tubing - 500-38-100 Techs and Specs

  • Size
    3/8 Inches
  • Length
    100 Feet
  • Color
    Natural / White
  • Construction
    bimodal PE-RT
  • Application
    Domestic Potable Water Approved
  • Level 5 Chlorine testing
    Exceeds Requirements
  • Maximum PSI
    160 PSI
  • Maximum Temperature
    200 Degrees
  • Oxygen Barrier
  • Certification
    ASTM and NSF Certified
  • Manufactured
    Made in USA
  • Recyclable
  • Warranty
    100 Years - Yep!

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