• Chilipepper Hot Water Recirculator Pump - CP8000

    - 1/3 HP

    Product ID • PC4000000020

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Chilipepper CP8000 operates only when the user actually wants hot water. It is dormant 99% of the day. The user must turn the pump on by pressing a demand switch. It then runs for a few seconds or a minute (this varies depending on the house plumbing), then automatically turns off when hot water arrives. A traditional circ pump runs either continuously, or during the hours set by a timer. Therefore, a traditional pump has significant hidden costs to heat the water it pumps daily - roughly $150 per year in energy costs alone. Chilipepper costs about $2 per year to run, making it the most efficient system available in terms of energy and water conservation. Chilipepper Hot Water Demand System is perfect system to use when water is a valuable resource - which is true for a lot of Western and South-Western States.

The Chilipepper CP8000 is powerful enough to trigger a tankless water heater. To do this, it has a powerful motor that will pump up to 2 gal/min. This motor is audible, but it runs only a short time. It is not silent, like a traditional low-flow circ pump. The Chilipepper motor is similar to a small blender motor, so you should expect to hear it working during the short time it is operating. The sound of money, water and time being saved whenever you use it!

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Technical Specs

Chilipepper recirculator CP8000 Techs and Specs

  • Motor
    High RPM Universal Brush with ball bearings
  • Rating
    1/3 input horsepower intermittent duty
  • Power
    115 Volts AC 60 Hz
  • Typical Draw
    2.5 amps
  • Draw on standby
    0.007 amps
  • Pump Material
    Glass filled Celcon GC-25
  • Centrifugal pump Maximum working pressure
    125 Psi
  • Maximum working temperature
    140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lockout when water temperature in pump
    When Hot water is over 96 degrees
  • Check Valve
    Internal spring loaded check valve
  • Maximum run time
    approx. 4 minutes
  • Control voltage to button
    5 volts - 1 milliamp current flow under short circuit conditions
  • Power cord length
    6 feet 3 prong grounded plug
  • Height
    9.8 inches
  • Width
    6.5 inches
  • Length
    6.5 inches

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