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  • Grundfos Jet Pump - 115 Volt - MQ3-45 (96860195)

    - 22 gpm - 115 volts - Max 65 PSI

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The MQ is a compact water supply system consisting of a pump, motor, pressure tank and controller all combined in one unit. The MQ starts when it senses a minimum flow of 0.8 GPM or a pressure drop to 30 PSI (whichever occurs first). It then monitors the output to keep the pump running until a very low flow rate is reached (approximately 1/2 GPM). The MQ pump has a small built-in pressure tank to ensure that water is readily available from the tap. When water is required the pump automatically starts and no loss of pressure will be felt.

The pump starts automatically when the water is turned on and stops when the flow stops. The MQ is a low-noise pump. The pump is self-priming and has a built-in check valve. The pump is cooled by the pumped water which eliminates the need for a noisy fan. Because the pump is self-cooling you don't need to have free space around the pump for cooling purposes. And because the pump will keep running down to very low flows, this overcomes problems of cycling. The pressure tank incorporated in the pump reduces the number of starts and stops in case of leakage.

Built-in dry-run protection: If the pump runs dry it automatically stops. It will attempt to restart for a maximum of 24 hours until water is available from the source. If more than 24 hours pass without water it must be restarted manually. The auto reset function can also be disabled.

Built-in thermal protection: If the pump overheats (dry running, overtemperature of liquid, overloaded motor, locked rotor condition) it immediately stops. After a 30 minute cooling-down period, the pump will automatically restart.

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Technical Specs

Grundfos Jet Pump - 115 volt - MQ3-35 (96860172) Specs

  • Performance range
    Flow up to 20 gpm
  • Head
    up to 153 ft
  • System pressure
    Up to 109 psi
  • Inlet pressure
    Max. 44 psi
  • Suction lift
    Max. 26 ft
  • Liquid temperature
    32°F to +95°F
  • Ambient temperature
    32°F to +113°F
  • Nominal voltage range
    1 x 110-120 Volts
  • Nominal voltage range
    1 x 220-240 Volts
  • Weight
    29 pounds
  • Dimensions
    12.6 x 22.4 x 8.7 (in)

Grundfos Jet Pump - 115 volt - MQ3-35 (96860172) Features

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Self-priming down to a depth of 25 ft (8m)
  • 1 inch NPT connections
  • Anti-cycling feature
  • Dry-run protection
  • Corrosion-free - suitable for potable water
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Tough and reliable
  • Space-saving - no tank required
  • Use almost anywhere - homes, cottages, farms, greenhouses
  • Thermal protection

Grundfos Jet Pump - 115 volt - MQ3-35 (96860172) Typical Applications

  • Water pressure boosting from city supplies or storage tanks (maximum inlet pressure 45 PSI)
  • Water supply from wells (maximum suction lift 25 feet), in private homes, in summer houses, on farms, in market gardens and other large gardens
  • The pump can be used for rain water. All parts in contact with the pumped liquid have been WRc approved

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