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  • Low-e Simple Solution Roll - 16 inches by 25 Feet Foil/Foam/Foil - SSR-1625FF

    - 33.3 Square Feet - Includes 50 Foot Foil Tape & Knife & Squeegee

    Product ID • SSR162FFF000

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Low-e Simple Solution Roll - 16 inches by 25 Feet Foil/Foam/Foil - 33.3 Square Feet - SSR-1625FF.

Combining 7/32 inch Closed Cell Foam (not bubble packaging material like cheaper brands) and Pure Aluminum Foil (not metalized plastic). The Low-E SSR Simple Solution Roll provide additional performance and ease of application for your Insulation upgrades of choice.

Can be used for many types of insulation jobs such as  --  Behind Home Radiators, Window AC Wrap, Large Windsheild or Tire Protector for RV, Toy Hauler, Ice Chest, Cooler Wrap, Drinking Trough for Livestock, Under Carpet, Automobile Doors and Headliners, Tent and Sleeping Bag Mat, Above Ground Pool Mat, House Window Liner, Flex Ducts, Floating Floor, Carpet Underlay, Waterheaters, and so much more!

Cold environments Low-E is a reflective insulation so no itchy fiberglass to irritate your skin, eyes or throat when installing. Low-E SS-WTKFF provides an additional R-5 to your Water Heater and can save up to 20% on your hot energy bill for your tank. Has an e-value of .03 meaning it reflects 97% of radiant heat back to its source.

Lightweight and easy to install the SSR kits are mold and mildew resistant, non toxic and passed the California standard (IAQ CA01350) for Indoor Air Quality. The Low-E SSR also is Class 1, Class A fire rated and has passed the stringent California Bureau of Home Furnishing and Thermal Insulation's water heater fire test.

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Technical Specs

Low-e Simple Solution Roll Foil Insulation / Foam Kit SSR-1625FF Benefits

  • Reduces heat loss for many types of applications
  • Save up to 20% on your energy bills - Adds R-5 to tank performance
  • Hypo-Allergenic kit, indoor air quality rated and non toxic, no skin, eyes or throat irritation
  • Passes stringent California Water Heater Insulation Fire Test, Class 1, Class A Fire Rated
  • Proudly 100% made in the USA
  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly

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