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Slab Shield Layout Example

Slab Shield Layout Example. This example shows a typical slab shield application that acts as an inslation barrier as well as a vapor barrier. Perfect for those PEX Radiant Infloor Heating Systems.




Slab Shield Layout Example

This is only an example. Actual layouts vary from job to job. 

You will notice that blue board is on the permiter and the Low E Slab Shield Foam is attached to this with a nail. This allows the concrete to be in a boat like situation and will provide sufficient insulation on the outside wall for the floor. 


Hydronic PEX Tubing and Trim

Quantity X - Low E Slab Shield- Radiant Under Slab Barrier Insulation

Quantity X - Hydronic Radiant Heat Pex Tubing and Accessories

Quantity X - PEX Tubing Accessories

Quantity X - PEX Radiant Heating Manifolds

 X = Various Amounts of Product needed - dependant on actual system