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Solar Panels for Domestic Water and Space Heating Pre-Heating into a Gas Combination Boiler Example

This solar system is designed to heat a tank with the solar panel and then when domestic hot water is called - pull it through a combi gas boiler (such as our Embassy ONEX Boiler). The Boiler will then heat the water if needed or pass through if sufficent water temparture from the solar system. This is the most efficient way to heat - use a high efficient gas combi boiler.

The solar tank can have one heat exchanger or two. The bottom heat exchanger takes the solar heat and if used, the top heat exchanger could be use for the back up heater if you have a boiler (This is Optional and would not be used in this configuration).

Please note: that when using solar for domestic water only - you can achive close to 100% of your domestic needs with the proper amount of panels (Generally 2 or 3 Solar Panels) and storage. However, you will always need a back up for when there is insufficient solar energy.

All systems are different - so contact one of our solar specialist for a detailed system design for you residential or commercial location   

lar Domestic Hot Water Preheating ONEX Gas Combi Boiler Example

This is only an example. Actual layouts vary from job to job.