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Solar Panels for Domestic Water and Space Heating with a Boiler as the Backup Heat Source Example

This solar system is designed to plug into a space heating system and domestic hot water. A boiler heater a backup heat source with an indirect tank for the heating system and a double heat exchanger tank for the solar system. A third tank may be used for additional storage with or without a dump zone.

In this example we have a three-zone heating system (PEX Radiant Heat would be the best and most efficient).

Please note: that when using solar for domestic water only - you can achive close to 100% of your domestic needs with the proper amount of panels (Generally 2 or 3 Solar Panels) and storage. However, you will always need a back up for when there is insufficient solar energy.

All systems are different - so contact one of our solar specialist for a detailed system design for you residential or commercial location.  


Solar Heating - Space Heating and Domestic Water - Full Heating System Example

This is only an example. Actual layouts vary from job to job.