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How Outdoor Wood Boilers Work

How Empyre Elite XT Outdoor Wood Boiler 100 Works

1) Stainless Steel Chimney insulated and double walled to reduce condensation

2) Floating water level eliminates pressure and evarporation

3) Heavy Duty One-Piece leak proof Roof

4) Top Lifting Hook for easy lifting

5) Secondary Bubble insulation that adds R-Value and efficiency

6) 304l Stainless Steel laser cut components

7) Fiberglass insulation will not ignite, shrink or crack

8) Exterior Night Light

9) Digital Control Panel with easy to read temperature and water level indicators

10) Large Capacity Water Reserve

11) Corrugated firebox top to maximize heat transfer and efficiency

12) Baffle Ports to reduce smoke when opening the door

13) High-Temp insulated door

14) Fire Box

15) Water filled Grates located below the firebox

16) Full lenght ash pan for simple cleaning

17) Forklift quides for easy lifting and insallation

18) Legs allow easy access for firebox for loading

19) Insulated Rear Hook-up allow for easy access for pipe hookup

20) Insulated Chimney Door for easy acces chimney cleaning