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Water to Air Heat Exchangers (Finned Coil Heat Exchangers) offers a wide selection of finned coil heat exchangers (water to air heat exchangers) with sizes 12 by 12 inches to as large as 24 by 24 inches. These heat exchangers are mostly used for forced air heating and cooling systems, such as with indoor and outdoor wood furnaces, boilers, stoves and any other system where you want to take hot or cooled water and turn into hot or cooled air. 

Water to Air Heat Exchangers



Our water to air heat exchangers consists of 1 inch supply and 1 inch return copper manifolds with smaller diameter copper tube coils running from side to side on the heat exchanger. Aluminum fins are attached to the smaller copper tubes, which allow the maximized heat transfer between water and air. The water to air heat exchangers are surrounded by a metal case to reinforce the air to water heat exchanger. As hot water enters the supply manifold of the water to air heat exchanger, it is separated into the tube coils, which carry it throughout the heat exchanger to the return heat exchanger. The heat from the water is transferred into air thought the copper tube walls usually with a fan. Generally, the higher flow of the fan the more hot air you will get out of the system.



• Residential and commercial
• Forced air heating and cooling (liquid or water to air heat transfer applications)
• Liquid chilling (air to water or liquid heat transfer applications)
• Outdoor or indoor wood boilers, gas / propane boilers or electric boilers
• Garage heaters
• Auxiliary heating or cooling