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Heating Mixing Valve Setup

Taco Mixing Valve setup or any other mixing Valve setup used when you need a lower water tempeature than the output of your boiler.

Taco Mixing Valve setup or any other mixing vavle setup

When using any Mixing Valve you want to make sure that the pump is pulling water through the mixint valve. Mixing Valves are used frequently in PEX Radiant Heating Systems where lower water tempeature is needed.

List of materials needed for a project like this (Click Link below to Purchase Product and see more Information)

Radiant Heating (Secondary Loop with Mixing Valve or just using a Mixing Valve)

Quantity X - Ball Valves for Heating Systems

Quantity X - Cast Iron Heating Pumps  (Size Depends on System with flow check)

Quantity X - Pump Flanges (Most Likely 3/4 Inch)

Quantity 1 - Heating Mixing Valves

Qunatity X - Hydronic Circulator Switching Relay

Qunatity X - Hydronic Heat Temperature Gauges

Quantity X - Copper Fittings and Brass Fittings


X = Various Amounts of Product needed - dependant on actual system