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Embassy Ambassador Boiler Installation

Embassy Onex Boiler Example installion using pex tubing for radiant heating with a pex manifold. Also, since the ONEX boiler is a combi boiler - you get domestic hot water going into a plumbing pex manifold for potable domestic water. This diagram would also be applicable for other Combination Hot Water Boilers. (Please note: there is no Primary Loop on this boiler - which is required)

Embassy Ambassador Boiler Installation with PEX Tubing for Radiant Heating and Plumbing

List of materials needed for a project like this (Click Link below to Purchase Product and see more Information)

Domestic Hot Water Side

Quantity X - Viega Plumbing PEX Manifold for Domestic Water (Size Depends on System)

Quantity X - HousePEX PEX Tubing and Legend Tubing for Domestic Water

Quantity 2 to 4 - Ball Valves for Domestic Water Side

Quantity 1 to 2 - Boiler Drain and Hose Bibs

Quantity 1 - Pressure Relief Valves

Quantity 1 - Expansion Tanks for Domestic Water

Quantity 1 - Hydronic Heating Mixing Valves for Domestic Water 

Quantity X - Copper Fitting and Sharkbite Quick Connect Fittings


Hydronic Heating Side (Trim)

Quantity 1 - Hydronic Heating Mixing Valves (Optional and System Dependant)

Quantity 2 to 4 - Ball Valves for Hydronic Heating Side

Quantity 2 to 3 - Boiler Drain and Hose Bibs

Quantity X - Temperature Guages and Tees (Optional)

Quantity 1 - Hydronic Heating Expansion Tank (Optional - Some boilers have one built in)

Quantity 1 - Cast Iron Pump (For Heating Side and Depends on System)

Quantity 1 - Pump Flanges (For Heating Side and Most Likely 3/4 Inch)

Qunatity 1 - Hydronic Circulator Switching Relay

Quantity 1 - Hydronic Heating Thermostats and Floor Sensors

Quantity 1 - Hydronic BackFlow Preventers and Combo AutoFill Valves

Quantity X - Pipe and Fittings for Primary Loop (Not Shown)

Quantity 1 - Hydronic Air Eliminators, Air Separators, Air Scoops and Dirt Separators

Quantity 1 - Hydronic BackFlow Preventers and AutoFill Valves


Quantity X - HousePEX PEX-A Pex Tubing for Radiant Heating

Quantity 1 - PEX Radiant Heating Manifolds (In this Example)

Quantity X - Pipe Support Accessories

Quantity X - PEX Tubing Accessories


X = Various Amounts of Product needed - dependant on actual system