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A Boiler and Indirect Storage Tank Setup with Primary Loop

This is how you can set up a Gas Boiler with an indirect storage tank. This gives you alot of Domestic Hot Water along with a Closed Heating Loop Zone for one Temperature Systems - Radiant or Radiators.  If you reqiure multiple tempeature system, then you set boiler at top temperature and then use mixing valves to reduce the heating legs that require lower temperature water.

Boiler with Primary Loop and Indirect Tank Setup

This is only an example. Actual layouts vary from job to job. 


List of materials needed for a project like this (Click Link below to Purchase Product and see more Information)

Heating and Domestic Hot Water Side

Quantity 1 - Gas Boilers

Quantity 10+ - Ball Valves for Heating Systems

Quantity 3 to 4 - Boiler Drain and Hose Bibs

Quantity 6+/-  Cast Iron Heating Pumps  (Size Depends on System with flow check)

Quantity 6+/- Pump Flanges (Most Likely 3/4 to 1 1/2 Inch)

Quantity 1 - Webstone ProPal Series 5865 Primary Secondary Loop Purge Tee

Quantity 1 - Indirect Storage Tanks

Quantity 1 - Johnson Controls Temperature Controls

Quantity 1 - Pressure Relief Valves

Quantity 1 - Domestic Hot Water Heating Mixing Valves

Quantity 1 - Domestic Hot Water Flow Checks

Quantity X - Heating Mixing Valves (Depends - if using high and low temperature heating)

Quantity 1 - Hydronic Heating Expansion Tanks

Qunatity 1 - Hydronic Circulator Switching Relay

Quantity 1 - Hydronic Heating Thermostats and Floor Sensors

Quantity 1 - Hydronic BackFlow Preventers and Combo AutoFill Valves

Quantity X - Copper Fittings and Brass Fittings


Hydronic Heating Side (Distribution)

Quantity X - Hydronic Radiant Heat Pex Tubing (Depends on Systyem)

Quantity X - Hydronic Radiators and Convectors (Depends on System)

Quantity X - Smith Heating Edge Environmental Hydronic Baseboard Heaters


X = Various Amounts of Product needed - dependant on actual system