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Boiler Heating Install Using Zone Valves

This is an example of how to use zone valves for each zone instead of individual pumps. Each Zone Valve is attached to a Zone Valve Controller and to an individual Thermostat. When a thermostat calls for heat - the Zone Valve Controller starts the boiler and any pumps needed for the primary loop or if required a secondary loop.

You will notice that in the Picture Below there is a mixing valve to reduce the boiler water tempeature that feeds 6 Zones with Zone Valves. These Zone Valves could feed hydronic radiators or hydronic baseboard convectors. This could also be used for much lower set temperature that could be used for 6 pex radiant floor heat zones.

Hydronic heating system boiler with Zone Valves

This is only an example. Actual layouts vary from job to job. 

List of materials needed for a project like this (Click Link below to Purchase Product and see more Information)

Hydronic Heating Side (Trim)

Quantity 1 - Gas or Electric Heating Boilers

Quantity 6 - Zone Valves

Quantity 1 - Hydronic Heating Mixing Valves

Quantity 18 + - Ball Valves for Hydronic Heating Side

Quantity 6 + - Boiler Drain and Hose Bibs

Quantity 1 - Temperature Guages and Tees

Quantity 1 - Hydronic Heating Expansion Tanks (May already be in boiler)

Quantity 4 - Cast Iron Pump (For Secondary Loop - Amount of Pump Depends on System)

Quantity 2 - Pump Flanges (For Secondary Loop Side and Most Likely 3/4 Inch)

Qunatity 1 - Zone Valve Controller (not shown)

Quantity 6+ - Hydronic Heating Thermostats and Floor Sensors

Quantity 1 - Hydronic BackFlow Preventers and Combo AutoFill Valves

Quantity 1 - Hydronic Air Eliminators, Air Separators, Air Scoops and Dirt Separators

Quantity 1 - Hydronic Boiler Pressure Relief Valves and Water Heater Relief Valves

Quantity 1 - Taco Flo Checks Valves


Hydronic Heating Side (Distribution)

Quantity X - Hydronic Radiant Heat Pex Tubing (Depends on Systyem)

Quantity X - Hydronic Radiators and Convectors (Depends on System)

Quantity X - Hydronic Baseboards (Depends on System)


X = Various Amounts of Product needed - dependant on actual system