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  • Tamarack Ghost Whole House Fan with Remote - TTi-HV3400

    - R38 Insulation - White Grill Included - Free In-Door Return Air Pathway Included

    Product ID • GHDB00000001

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The Tamarack TTi-HV3400 Ghost Whole House Fan with two speed operation delivers an amazing 3,400 cubic feet per minute on high air flow rating and a quiet 1,900 cubic feet per minute on low. Uses a handheld remote control (included) and a simple line cord to plug into any attic outlet (115 VAC).

The Tamarack Ghost whole house fan combines the ease of installation and the efficiency of operation of motorized insulated doors with an energy efficient, large diameter fan to produce a remarkably quiet whole house fan that closes and seals when it is not being used. When it is cooler outside than it is inside, a whole house cooler can flush the hot attic air out of your house through your attic, lowering the attic temperatures at the same time.

The Tamarack Ghost is a whole house fan that mounts easily on top of the rafters in the attic and effectively draws 3,400 cubic feet of air per minute through the house. The Ghost's unique design includes a small lower housing that fits between 16" or 24" on center rafters. Internal motorized and insulated doors open into the fan chamber when the unit is turned on, then the 20" diameter fan blade begins drawing the air out of the living space and into your attic.

How does the Ghost Work? In the same manner as the Tamarack HV1000/HV3400 Units. Indoor house temperatures are often higher than outdoor temperatures, particularly in the evening. By pulling heat out of your home, cooler outside air is drawn into the home.

First you need to open a couple windows or a door and start the Tamarack Ghost. The heated air is pulled out of your home and then pushed out of your attic through attic and roof vents. For proper flow out of attic, there should be at least 4 square feet of combined free open space from the attic to the outside.

Many choose to run the Tamarack TTi-HV3400 all night long, which will allow you to wake up to a much cooler house. Also, air conditioning units will start much later in the day. So at night, turn off your A/C and run the Tamarack Ghost and save money and energy. The Tamarack Ghost uses about 340 watts to run and about 450 watts at full speed.

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Technical Specs

Tamarack TTi-HV3400 Whole House Fan Techs and Specs

  • Electrical Voltage
    115VAC 60 Hz
  • Speed
  • Power Low / High
    350 watts / 450 watts
  • Open/Close Time
    30 Seconds
  • Air Flow @ .1 Inch SP
    1900 cfm low / 3400 cfm high
  • R Value when Panel Closed
  • Rough Opening
    14.5 inches x 22.5 inches
  • Height w/ Doors Open
    12 inches at R-38
  • Grille Color
  • Grille Size Rough Opening
    23 1/4 Inches x 13 7/8 Inches
  • Return rille Size
    14 1/2 Inches x 22 1/2 Inches
  • Size of Housing Top Piece
    25 7/8 Inches Length x 29 1/2 Inches Wide x 13 5/8 Inches High
  • Size of Housing Bottom Piece
    26 1/4 Inches Length x 29 1/2 Inches Wide x 22 1/2 Inches High
  • Weight
    48 Pounds / (shipping 67 Pounds)
  • Attic Ventilation Requirements (Open Space in Attic)
    9.0 Square Feet
  • Warranty
    3 years

Tamarack TTi-HV3400 Whole House Fan Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Automatic
  • Two speed radio frequency remote control
  • Well Insulated, positive, automatic seal
  • Quiet
  • Economical
  • Draft Proof
  • No Maintenance
  • UL/CUL Listed
  • Made in the USA

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