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  • Electro Industries Make-Up Air/Heat Exchanger/Boost Heater - EM-WM1134H

    - 10800 Watts - 208 Volts - 3 Phase - 8 by 10 Inch Rectangular element rack - No Blower

    Product ID • EMWM1134H000

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Electro Industries EM-WM1134H- Rectangular Insert Heater - EM-WM1134H with Electric Element with 10800 Watts at 208 Volts. With 8 by 10 Inch element rack.

The Electro EM-WM1134Hmodule is a heating element and controller to “temper” the supply air and bring it to a comfortable level. For general duct temperature boost or heat pump comfort, this unit raises the warm air supply temperature to the set point temperature value desired. In the make-up air application the supply or inlet is actually outside air. The The Electro EM-WM1134Hcontains a built in controller with duct sensor to modulate the electric element (part of this unit) using only the required electric energy to reach comfort level. This is more than basic on/off.

When comfort level requires a slight increase in the heat pump air delivery temperature, this module “tempers” the warm air by raising the warm air temperature a very small number of degrees to produce comfort level.

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Technical Specs

Electro Industries Make-Up Air - EM-WM1134HTechs and Specs

  • Watts
  • Blower
  • Duct
    Rectangular Insert
  • Volts
    208 Hard Wired
  • Element Rack Size
    8 by 10 Inches
  • Size Height
    13 1/2 Inches
  • Size Width
    11 Inches
  • Country of Origin
  • Parts Warranty (Years)
  • Heating Element Warranty
  • Weight
    22 Pounds

Electro Industries Make-Up Air II - EM-WM1134HFeatures

  • Fresh air code requirements and/or appliances which could create unhealthy negative pressure within the Building usage, people loading
  • Air environment within building
  • Fireplaces and Larger kitchen vent hoods
  • Appliances, without sealed combustion
  • Single vent gas furnace or water heater
  • Forced exhaust systems - restrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • Lower installation cost
  • Easy installation
  • Outlet temperature sensing
  • Fully modulates elements
  • Uses only the energy required

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