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  • Electro Forced Air Strip Heater / Duct Heater - EM-WE1025C

    - 9600 Watts - 240-Volts - 15 by 16 Warmflo Element Package - No Blower

    Product ID • EMWE1025C000

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Electro Industries Air Strip Heater or Duct Heater with Warmflo Controlled Element Package - EM-WE1025C and 9600 watts with 15 by 16 Inch element rack.

The Electro Warmflo upgrade is a prewired assembly, the complete WarmFlo/strip heater package is as simple as a one control wire connection to any heat pump manufacturer’s unit.  As a WarmFlo upgrade package, this is external to the HP manufacturer’s cabinet and does not compromise warranty or other product listings.

This Electro EM-WE1025C Duct Heater may have various installation applications. Generic strip heat designed for air handler, heat pump, or blower cabinet outlet duct installation.

INTENDED USE – This product is approved and label certified for water source heat pumps or air handlers at the blower discharge.

Generic forced air electric resistance heater designed for air handler, heat pump, or blower cabinet outlet duct installation. The relationship of the air moving blower to this insert heater must be according to the specific mechanical installation.

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Technical Specs

Electro Industries Duct Air Strip Heater - EM-WE1025C Techs and Specs

  • Stages
  • Warmflo Compatable
  • Element Rack
    15 by 16 Inches
  • Volts
  • Amps
  • Heating Capacity (Watts)
  • Heating Capacity (Btu)
  • Heating Capacity (Kw)
    9.6 kw
  • Size - Height
    13 Inches
  • Size - Width
    10 1/2 Inches
  • Size - Depth Cabinet
    4 Inches
  • Weight
    20 Pounds
  • Parts Warranty (Years)
  • Heating Element Warranty

Electro Industries Duct Air Strip Heater - EM-WE1025C Features

  • Flexibility of “stab in” element rack
  • Factory started plenum available
  • kW sized for optimum service CB
  • 240 volts, 60 hertz
  • 30 amp, overrated, relays
  • 4.8 kW staging, hookup selectable
  • Two level auto reset hi-limit
  • Third level hi-limit, self destruct
  • ARL, NRTL certified to UL1996
  • No internal control wires
  • Simple troubleshooting/repair
  • Six monitor lights
  • Only three functional parts
  • Electronic delay staging
  • No snap switch sequencers
  • Blower interlock relay

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