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  • Electro Electric Furnace - Basic Staging - ECM Variable Speed Blower - HE-E-15-21

    - 14.4 kW - 49,000 BTU/h

    Product ID • HEE152100000

  • This Product is no longer available through It has either been discontinued, made obsolete, or is no longer available for sale. Please select another product.


Electro Hot Air Furnace HE-E-15-21 temperature sensing output and outdoor temperature sensing provide added comfort electric heat modulation and blower speed control for more uniform and comfortable heating.  The HE-E-15-21 will work with any hydronic boiler and produce hot air at much better efficiences than regular hot air furnaces.

The Hot Air Furnace was introduced in 1997 and is a proven and customer accepted technique for providing the maximum comfort and efficiency from your electric unit.

The Hot Air Furnace HE-E-15-21 ECM variable speed blower - highest efficiency in blower motors, continuous air at very high efficiency, automatically adjusts blower speed based on outdoor temperature and heat/cool modes.

Literally every furnace manufacturer now has a top-of-the-line furnace with the GE ECM variable speed blower. Electro Industries is now a design source and supplier of the same ECM motor. This can provide additional operating efficiency and another level of comfort.

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Technical Specs

Electro Electric Furnace ECM Variable Speed Blower HE-E-15-21 Techs and Specs

  • Btu Output
  • Blower
  • Cabinet Width
    21 Inches
  • Voltage
  • Phase
  • Circuit Breaker
    1-60 and 1-30 Amp
  • Max. Temp. Rise
    45 Degree F
  • Heat CFM (Lo)
  • Heat CFM (MD)
  • Heat CFM (Hi)

Electro Electric Furnace ECM Variable Speed Blower HE-E-15-21 Features

  • Supply and outdoor temperature sensing
  • GE ECM blower motor
  • Electro blower control/programming
  • Circuit breakers
  • Standard Electro Load Control connections
  • Can relate to AC only, if heat is not controlled
  • 1½-ton to 3-ton blower speed selection
  • Compact cabinet
  • Easy access panel doors
  • Side cut-out openings are arranged for optional packaged air filter or electronic air filter
  • 20 kW, suggest inlet air cabinet for bottom entry
  • Easy interface with ultraviolet air purifier and humidifier
  • AC coil goes on top, HP coil needs inlet adapter

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