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  • Beacon Morris - Horizontal Unit Heater Header Type Coil - HB-24

    - 115V - Steam 24,000 BTU - Hot Water 17,400 BTU

    Product ID • BMHB24000000

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The Beacon Moriris HB-24 Steam and Hot Water Unit Heater is comprised of a heating coil that is energized by either steam or hot water produced by a boiler or some type of central water heating device. Hung from the ceiling, a fan mounted behind the coil forces air through the hot coil thus drawing heat out of the coil and "throwing" it in to the area where heat is required. This product works on the same principle as your car's radiator. As your car engine runs and produces heat, coolant is pumped through the engine to a radiator coil in front of the engine. The fan under the hood blows air through the radiator coil drawing the heat out of the coolant, which helps to dissipate excessive heat from your engine.

The Beacon Moriris HB-24 can produce up to 24,000 BTU with Steam Heat and  17,400 BTU with Hot Water Heat.

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Technical Specs

Beacon Morris - Horizontal Unit Heater Header Type Coil - HB-24 Techs and Specs

  • Btu (Steam)
  • Btu (Hot Water)
  • Volt
  • Motor HP
    16 Watts
  • RPM
    1550 / 1350
  • Nominal CFM
    450 / 380
  • Width
    14 5/8 inches
  • Height
    18 inches
  • Number of Louvers
  • Weight
    30 pounds

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