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  • Stiebel Eltron Accelera 300 E Heat Pump Water Heater - 233059

    - 79.8 Gallons - 3.39 Energy Star Energy Factor

    Product ID • ACCELERA3000

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Stiebel Eltron Accelera 300 E Heat Pump Water Heater - 79.8 Gallons - 233059

The beauty of heat pump water heating technology is that the amount of electrical energy needed to create hot water is greatly reduced compared to a conventional electric tank water heater. Every watt the Accelera's compressor and fan use generates 3-5 watts of hot water. The higher the ambient air temperature is, the greater thEfficiency of the unit. This ground breaking technology redefines thEfficiency a water heater is capable of.

The Accelera 300 E can extract up to 80% of its energy requirements from thEnergy in the air around it.

In a warm climate, the unit can be placed either in the garage, where it takes heat from the outside air, or inside the house, where it helps with the air conditioning load. In a cooler climate, the unit is typically placed in the basement where it also acts as a dehumidifier. You get hot water at a discount and a dry basement as well.

If the heat pump cannot keep up with the demand for hot water then a specially engineered 1700 W electric backup element supplies additional heat to the water.

The 80 gallon tank is designed to give 50 gallons of hot water before the backup heating element activates.


How the Heat Pump Works

The heat pump system contains a fan that forces air through an evaporator (1). ThEvaporator contains a liquid refrigerant. When this refrigerant evaporates, it extracts heat from the ambient air.

The hot refrigerant then passes through the condenser (3), which is wrapped around the water tank, transferring its heat to the water.

The now warm gaseous refrigerant passes through the compressor (2) which increases its pressure. As the pressure increases, the temperature of the refrigerant rises. The refrigerant turns back into a liquid which is now hot.

The refrigerant which is now cool then passes through an expansion valve (4), where it goes back into a gaseous state and the process begins anew.



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Technical Specs

Stiebel Eltron Accelera 300 E Heat Pump Water Heater - 233059 Techs and Specs

  • Type
    Tank Electric Heat Pump
  • Capacity
    79.8 Gallons
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Energy Factor
  • Max Temp
    149 Degrees F
  • Operating temperature range
    40 to 108 Degrees F
  • Condensate Connection
    3/4 Inches
  • Water Connection
    1 Inch NPT
  • Voltage
    220v / 240v
  • Maximum Power Draw
    2150 Watts
  • Rated Current Booster Element
    1500 Watts
  • Circuit Breaker
    15 Amps
  • First hour rating
    74.2 Gallons
  • Height
    75 1/2 Inches
  • Diameter
    27 3/16 Inches
  • Weight (Empty)
    297 Pounds
  • Warranty
    10-Year Limited Warranty

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