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  • 16 inch PEX Tubing Slide Brackets for Under Floor Installations - A-150X50

    - Box of 50

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Basset 16 inch PEX Slide Brackets for Under Floor Installations - Box of 50 Brackets - A-150X50.

Slide Brackets are used to float pex tubing under a wood floor between joists on 16 inch center joist. Generally, you want the pex 1 inch below the flow and you do not want the PEX tubing to touch the insulation below.  You should use zip ties to ensure that the PEX tubing does not move. This is one of the quietiest way to install PEX pipe under the floor.

A-150 - 12 to 19 inch extension (For 16 Inch on Center) Zip tie PEX Tubing to Slide Brackets every 2 feet or so.


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