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Radiant Board Modular PEX Radiant Heat Mass for above Floor Radiant Heat

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Additional Informatuion:

Radiant Board (formely was know as Thermal Board) is a great way to attach PEX to the top of the floor and still great PEX heating results. Radiant Board only uses 3/8 PEX Tubing so as to make the thickness as skinny as possible  - 5/8 Inch.  It has a reflective top side that can reflect about 97% of the radiant heat back up towards the floor.

Radiant Board is glued then screwed (or stapled) to a standard subfloor in a pattern to accommodate a tubing layout for a particular space. Finished flooring goods may then be applied over the ThermalBoard as required. Radiant Board heating is similar to that of underfloor heating.

You can put almost any type of flooring on top of Radiant Board - such as hard wood floors, floating floors, tile floors, etc. On some applications you would want a cement board screwed into Raidant Board if you are putting in a tile floor.