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Lotel Mesh-Ups, the new all plastic "chair," is flexible, elastic, easily and quickly attached to the mesh without ties. Above all it's capable of returning the mesh approximately to its original position after being subjected to the loads commonly encountered while placing the mesh in the forms and spreading the concrete.

One box will support 400 square feet of a 4 inch to 8 inch thick slab.

The flexible plastic Mesh-Ups will help solve the problems of concrete slabs at grade and will: Aid in getting the mesh off the ground. Help to support mesh above the membrane before and during pouring. Snap easily, quickly and firmly to mesh where the wires intersect; therefore, they do not rotate or fall off. Deflect when mesh is pressed down and then rebound; preventing wire bending over Mesh-up©. Resist being pressed into subsurface because of large base ring. Use sand disk over soft fill. Reduce membrane puncture from sharp wire ends. Reduce supervision and require no "hook man".


It should be explained to the mechanics who place the "chairs" that Mesh-Ups© are plastic springs and when placed properly on mesh can produce excellent results with little effort. They are not magic and after deflection they must be allowed to rebound.


Mesh-UPS are attached where wires intersect so they will not rotate or fall off. The lower slot in the Mesh-ups© is to receive the lower wire at the intersection. This seems minor, but it should be pointed out so that units will be applied properly the first time. Use 4" high 4" x 4" blocks or larger, to elevate the wire to facilitate Mesh-up© application.


To position wire properly, it must be straight with no tendency to curl. If the wire is not adequately straightened, the inspector should be on the lookout for "low" spots where an additional Mesh-up© might be necessary. And at "high" spots of little stress, a unit can be removed.


In designS where slabs are poured monolithically with thickened beams, the mesh should be shown lying on top of the top reinforcing steel beam for additional support (any conduit and plumbing must be located under the wire).


Tie wire at splice, tie wire to proper elevation at external forms, internal dividers, vertical projections (plumbing, standpipe, vertical conduit, etc).

Please Note: Installation not recommended in subfreezing temperature.

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