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  • C-Track Extruded Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates - 3020-100 - Box of 20

    - 4 inches by 48 inches for 3/8 inch PEX

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PEX Radiant Heat Extruded Aluminum C-Trak Heat Transfer Plates provides an alternative method of installation which conforms to the to the natural ellipse of the pex pipe tube deployed under the subfloor. Used with 3/8 Inch PEX Pipe. The item comes with a box count of 20 pieces.

These PEX heat transfer plates are installed facing each other in the joist bays and as the good sidewall integrity of the pex pipe exerts its natural pressure it helps to keep the heating pipe securely in place. You will find the possibility of the pex tubing walking out over time greatly diminished.

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Technical Specs

PEX Heat Transfer Plates - C-Track Extruded Aluminum Heat Transfer Plate - 3020 Features

  • Reduced installation time as pex tubing whip is reduced
  • Available for 3/8 Inch PEX Pipe ASTM sizes
  • Box count of 20
  • Thickness of .40 Gauge
  • Reliable heat transfer performance
  • Easily stapled or screwed to sub-floor
  • Extruded Aluminum
  • Convenient 48" PEX heat transfer plate length with pre-punched holes (10 per plate)
  • The rigid channel construction enables flexible PEX tubing to be easily “snapped” into place
  • As a result of the panel’s novel design, heating pipe or pex tubing is held securely in place
  • Radiant heat means conduction with heat transfer medium
  • Good performance means high comfort and economy of operation
  • Made in the USA
  • Never go plate less again!

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