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  • Slab 2000 Square Foot In Floor PEX-A Radiant Heat Package (In Concrete)

    - 2 rolls of 1000 foot roll of PEX-A w 0/2 barrier - 8 Port PEX Manifold - 1200 Zip Ties - 16 PVC Bend Supports

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In Floor Radiant Heating Concrete Slab For up to 2000 Square Feet - 12 Inches on center with PEX-A Tubing. 

This PEX In floor Kit is used for up to 2000 square feet floor with a typical layout. You can look at our learning center for more info or Info & Links on this page.  Supply requirements will vary from job to job. Please contact us if you have any questions. PEX-A is a little more flexible than PEX-C - but if you kink it - you can generally heat it up with a hair dryer or heat gun to get it back to it's original shape. You can not do this with PEX-B or PEX-C.

This in Floor Heating Systems a specific size of floor heating. For larger PEX systems, please look at our larger in Floor heating system packages. 

This PEX Radiant Heat Slab Package includes:

Two - 1000 Foot PEX Rolls of 1/2 Inch Oxygen Barrier HousePEX PEX-A 
One - 8 Port PEX Manifold
1200 - Zip Ties (100 per bag)
Sixteen- PVC Bend Supports
Two - Support Brackets

Optional Products:

PEX Cutter - for ease when cutting PEX
Slab Shield Insulation - creates a vapor barrier, all radiant systems require some form of insulation, one roll will cover 300 sq ft for your Concrete Slab
White Poly Seam Tape - one roll per two rolls of Slab Shield
Lotel Mesh-Ups for keeping pex from moving while your pour cement
Pressure Test Kit - required by code in many locations that PEX is installed in pressurized condition


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Technical Specs

Additional Items for Radiant Heat Slab Package Slab 2000 - Optional Products

  • Slab Shield 4FSFB/SE400-T
    8 Rolls required for this pacakage
  • Aluminum Seam Tape T0001
    4 Rolls required for this package
  • Pex Tubing Cutter 10100
    Use 1/4 turn while cutting PEX for best cut
  • Pressure Test Kit
    With 1 Inch by 1/2 Inch bushing for use with optional 1 inch ball valves and Teflon tape for assembly
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