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  • Peter Mangone Stand-off Clips - Count 100 - P6BK

    - For 5/8 Inch or 3/4 Inch PEX

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This part works for - Peter Magone RB5 and RB6 Clip Guns


Peter Mangone Stand-off Clips for 5/8 Inch or 3/4 Inch PEX - Count 100 - P6BK

Stand-Off Clips for PEX used with Peter Mangone's RB Clip Gun Fastener or Pneumatic Clip Gun. (Models RB5 and RB6)

Stand Off RB Clips P6BK Installations with the patented RB Stand-Off Clips are far superior to any other method of 5/8 Inch or 3/4 Inch pex tubing attachment. Each clip fits perfectly without damaging the tubing - secured with nails, not staples - no nicking, no compressing, no piercing. Used for 5/8 Inch or 3/4 Inch PEX Tubing.

The stand-off design of the clip pulls the tubing up into the clip and off the surface. This, along with the polyethylene material of the clip, virtually eliminates expansion noises, as it prevents wear-and-tear from the tubing's movement.

The unique design of the RB Stand-Off P6BK Clip holds the tubing or pipe off of the surface, providing distinct advantages for both radiant heating and potable water systems. In above-floor radiant heating installations, the space between the tubing and the wooden surface allows the light- weight concrete to flow under the tubing, surrounding it and providing an especially strong and stable placement.

RB Clip Housings are manufactured of high-density polyethylene that is light-weight yet strong. Each clip features two galvanized nails that are integrated into the design of each clip. When a fastener clip is discharged the nails are driven 5/8" into the wooden surface, providing an installation that is both strong and permanent.

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