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  • Peter Mangone RSST Reddi-Strip Staple Gun Rental

    - 89.00 for first 45 days - 69.00 for next 30 days

    Product ID • PMRSSTRNT050

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The concept of using a stand-up stapler to attach tubing is not a new one. But the Reddi-Strip™ System is superior to other application methods for one very important reason. The Reddi-Strip™ Stapler utilizes flexible strips of PEX staples that are manufactured in unitized strips of 50, rather than separately or taped together. Manufacturing staples in strips cost less, therefore they sell for less.

Easy to load, easy to use, and easy on the budget... you save both time and money!

The stapler is lightweight yet strong, with steel and annodized aluminum making up the body of the tool. A spring on the plunger controls the smooth action of the driver blade, and the "ball" handle is comfortable in your palm. The bottom is notched to align the stapler over the radiant tubing. PEX Tubing Sizes - 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 Inch PEX or CPVC

 ** The Rules for Renting Peter Mangone Staple Gun:

You pay for the tool in full and then return it before 45 days. We will credit you back so you only pay $89.00 for 45 days.

If you need more time contact us and we will extend the rental for another 30 days at a cost of $69.00. When we receive it back we will credit you the difference.

You are responsible for return shipping.

If the tool is damaged in any way over normal use then you own it. We take pictures of the tools before we ship them out for your protection and ours.

If does not receive any tool after 75 days then you own it. will not accept the return of any Mangone Staple Gun after 75 days.

This deal only applies for the tools marked as rental - not any others.

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Peter Mangone Pneumatic Clip Gun for PEX Tubing - RB6 Features

  • PEX Tubing Sizes - 3/8, 1/2 and 5/8 Inch PEX or CPVC
  • Warranty - limited lifetime

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