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  • Myson Comfort PEX-C 1/2 inch - 300 foot roll of PEX Tubing - PEXCM12-300

    - 300 Feet - 1/2 Inch - With oxygen barrier

    Product ID • PEXCM1230000

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Myson PEX-C - 1/2 inch by 300 foot length roll of PEX Tubing with oxygen barrier -  PEXCM12-300

Myson PEX-C PEX Tubing for Radiant Floor Heat Systems - Infloor or under floor systems.

Myson Comfort PEX-C is very flexible type of PEX - much more than PEX-B and about the same as most types of PEX-A. 

Perfect for Radiant Underfloor and Infloor Heating Applications and is approved for Domestic Water Systems too.

Lastly, with Myson PEX-C - if you kink it - you can heat it up and most kinks will come out. You can not do this with PEX-B or other types of PEX-C.

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Technical Specs

Myson PEX-C - 1/2 inch by 300 foot PEX Tubing PEXCM12-300 - Techs and Specs

  • Size
    1/2 Inches
  • Length
    300 Feet
  • Color
  • Application
    Heat Approved Only
  • More Flexible PEX Tubing than PEX-B
  • Maximum PSI
    160 PSI
  • Maximum Temperature
    200 Degrees
  • Oxyegen Barrier
  • Grade
  • ASTM and NSF Certified
  • Manufactured

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