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  • Mr. Pex Pre Insulated PEX-A Barrier Tubing - 3 inches PEX - Single - 1510090

    - Single Line - 7.9 inch Outer Jacket - 3 Inch PEX A - Heating Only - Must order a Minimum of 50 Feet - Full Roll 328 Feet

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Mr. Pex Pre-Insulated PEX-A Barrier Tubing 7.9 inch Outer Jacket - 3 inches PEX - Single - Per Foot - Must order a Minimum of 50 Feet - 1510090

Mr PEX Pre Insulated 3 inches PEX-A Tube - 50 to 328 Foot Roll - 1510090. Bending Radius is 43.3 inches with Heat Capacity of 1,638,000 Btu's per hour.

Please Note: Must order a Minimum of 50 Feet and there is a $50.00 cut feet fee for any rolls under 328 feet.

Mr PEX Insulated PEX Tubing for outdoors wood Boilers and other outdoor insatllation where you want hot water to move from one location to another.

Mr PEX  Insulated PEX Tubing Underground supply that tests show has a tempertaure loss of less than 1 Degree F per one hundred foot giving you the confidence to install Mr PEX.

Confidence in a trouble free install and Quality Control measures assure that you will be happy for years to come with the Mr PEX  Insulated PEX tubing.

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Technical Specs

Mr PEX Insulated PEX Tubing 3 inch Tubing - 1510090 Features

  • Underground and above ground installations
  • 3 inches PEX-A Tubing Single Line
  • Full Roll length 328 feet
  • Bending Radius is 43.3 inches
  • Insulation Layer 7.9 inches
  • End Caps and Fittings are Optional
  • Not for Potable Water
  • Can be installed above ground as long as the PEX is not exposed to sunlight
  • Dead Air Space has insulation value
  • Insulation Consists of microcellular, cross-linked polyethylene closed cell foam, CFC free. Service temperature of –112 Degrees F to 230 Degrees F.
  • Jacket is corrugated closed chamber seamless high density polyethylene (HDPE) UV protected

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