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  • Ultra-Fin Alum PEX Aluminum 10 Inch Heat Transfer Plates - UF4010

    - Count 100 (50 pair) - Include Ultra-Fin Turn Key Pins

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Macduffco Ultra Fin Heat Transfer Plates are the top choice for home comfort and cost efficiency for PEX Underfloor Radiant Heat. Ultra Fin's is the radiant underfloor heating system designed specifically for wood frame housing, and Ultra Fin Heat heat transfer plates are compatible with all floor coverings, including hardwood and tile floors and allow you to use less PEX Tubing as compared to other Heat Transfer Plates. 

Our HousePEX A will work with Ultra Fin Plates or any of our Aluminum PEX Tubing.

What's the Difference?

Traditional radiant underfloor heating systems use heat contact transfer technology, where hot water pex tubing makes direct contact with underfloor materials. Compared to Ultra Fin, these systems are complex and lethargic and they often require extra floor layers or concrete. Ultra-Fin creates efficiency with a simple innovation: it uses radiant hot water technology to generate hot air convection in the joist spaces beneath the existing floor, converting the entire floor system into a giant radiator! The result is uniform warmth and comfort

How Ultra-Fin Works?

Hot water is circulated through the pex tubing in the underfloor heating systems joist spaces of your home, where heat is then conducted to the attached aluminum fins. Ultra Fins Heat Transfer Plates warm the air in the joist spaces, creating hot air convection that warms the entire floor. The floor then radiates gentle uniform heat throughout the living space above. A quiet warm underfloor heating system.

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Technical Specs

Macduffco Ultra-Fin Alum PEX Aluminum 10 Inch Heat Transfer Plates UF4010 - Features

  • Uses 1/2 Inch SDR PEX Tubing - 5/8 Inch Outside Dimension
  • Box Count of 100 Plate - but adds to 50 Pair
  • 100% compatible with hardwood flooring
  • Does not require special construction measures
  • Requires less labour to install
  • Heats the floor by convection, not conduction
  • Aluminum Ultra-Fins snap together with Ultra-Fin Turn Key Pins that are included with Plates
  • Requires less than 1/3 the tubing ofother types of radiant heating systems

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