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  • Aluminum Foil Poly Foam Foil Insulation - 4LFLS/L400S

    - 1/4 thick X 125 feet long X 4 feet wide

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The easiest and best way to stop heat transfer for Interior Walls, Attic Ceilings, Basement Remodels and more is with Foil Aluminum Insulation.

Low-E Insulation Foil Aluminum Insulation in residential applications where you want to cover larger areas such as wall, multiple joist bays and more. Low-E Foil Insulation is 48 Inch wide and comes in 1/4 Inch thickness so it can benefit commercial buildings, structures with PEX radiant heating as well as residential applications. The product is very easy to install and does not require special clothing or respirators to do so. The product is hypoallergenic and does not promote growth of mold or mildew.

1 roll is shipped with this product.

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Technical Specs

Low-E Tab Foil Insulation 18EFEC/LS180 Features

  • Creates a Dead-Air Space - Perfect for PEX Radiant Heating Systems
  • Attach under the Joist
  • Convenient and lightweight
  • Closed cell (not bubble packaging)
  • Dimensions - 48 inches Width by 125 feet Length by 1/4 Inches Thickness 1 Roll
  • Core Material - Polyethylene
  • Perm Rating - ASTM E-96: 0.008
  • R-Value - up to R-13
  • Puncture Resistance - Beach Puncture T-803-99: 92.9 psi
  • Flame and Smoke - ASTM E 84
  • Flame Spread - Less Than 25, Smoke Developed: Less Than 50
  • Foil Tape - Optional and Recommended

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