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  • HousePEX PEX Manifold PEX Adaptor 3/8 inch PEX - 38HPADAPT 16X2

    - Already included with our HousePEX PEX Manifolds - For EK-20 to 3/8 Inch PEX - Quantity 1

    Product ID • HPM38ADAPT00

  • $6.75
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HousePEX PEX Manifold PEX Adaptors 3/8 inch PEX - 38HPADAPT 16X2.  All the HousePEX PEX Manifolds we sell come with adapters - order these if you need extra or using for something else.  Connects EK-20 to 3/8 Inch PEX Tubing (SDR Rated).

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