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  • Caleffi PEX Manifold 11 Ports with Sight Flow - 6686M5S1A

    - Pre-Assembled - Body Only 1 inch Manifold Body - No PEX Adapters Included - Includes Temp Gauges

    Product ID • CAL6686M5S1A

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Caleffi 6686M5S1A PEX Tubing Radiant Heat Manifold 11 Ports Body Only - Does Not Inclued any Adapters - must be purchased separately.

Caleffi Radiant Heat PEX Manifolds are for PEX (PEX-A, PEX-C or PEX-B) and are used for radiant floor heating. The Caleffi 11 Port Heating Manifold for Radiant PEX Tubing comes with Temperature Gauges and supply and return ball valves. Optional accessories such as Caleffi Actuators, Caleffi By-Pass Valves Pex Adapters and more.

Please note, these manifolds are only used for hydronic heating systems and only for PEX-A, PEX-C or PEX-B PEX Tubing. Used in infloor heating and underfloor heating as well as hydronic radiators with actuators. 

Caleffi 11 Port Radiant Heat PEX Manifold Includes:

2 - Supply and Return Ball Valves
2 - Hanging Brackets
2 - Air Eliminators
Also includes Flow Meters, Temperature Gauges and is fully assembled

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Technical Specs

Caleffi PEX 11 Port Manifold Set with Sight Flow Pre-Assembled 6686M5S1A Techs and Specs

  • Ports
    11 Ports
  • Pex Size
    Adapters Not Included
  • Kits
  • Air vent ports & air vent (eliminator) include
  • Operating Temperature Max
    180 Degree F
  • Peak Temperature Max
    200 Degree F
  • Pressure Max
    150 PSI
  • Loop CV combined supply & return ports
  • Built in temperature gauges
  • Supply & return ball valves
    1 Inch NPT
  • Outlet center distance
    2 Inches
  • Manufactured
    Made in Italy

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