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  • JJM Alkaline Technologies PH Neutralizer Refill Kit - JM-20R 1107

    - By JJM Alkaline Technologies

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This part works for - JJM Alkaline Technologies Neutralizer Tank - JM-20


JJM Alkaline Technologies - JM-20R PH Neutralizer Refill Kit - JM-20R 1107.  Used for  JM-20. JJM Boiler Works  new name is now JJM Alkaline Technologies.

The pH measurement of a fluid is an indicator of the acidity or alkalinity. Neutral fluids have pH of 7.0. Acid fluids have pH below 7. And alkaline fluids have pH above 7 (up to 14). The pH can be easily measured using litmus paper.

Condensate pH from condensing boilers and water heaters and furnaces is acidic. The condensate pH needs to be increased (made less acidic) to prevent possible damage to cast iron soil pipe, ABS pipe, septic tanks, plants, wastewater treatment plants and other materials handling waste water.

JJM Power Pellets should be replaced every 12 months or when the pH level is less than 5.0.

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