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  • Versa-Hydro Combination Solar Water Heater - Liquid Propane - PHE199-80S-LP

    - 80 Gallons - 199,000 BTU

    Product ID • PHE19980S0LP

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Versa Hydro Solar Hydronic Heat Source, Domestic Hot Water and Solar Backup / Wood Boiler Backup

The Heat Transfer Versa-Hydro Solar PHE199-80S-LP Combined Hydronic Appliance from represents the latest innovations in hydronic heating technology. The Versa-Hydro Solar is the first heating system available in the U.S. to integrate a high-efficiency water heater with a heating element, providing both domestic hot water and space heating with one compact, efficient device.

The Versa Hydro Solar has a back up heat exchanger for connecting solar sytems or wood boilers. The modulating condensing gas appliance operates at 93% combustion efficiency and 96% thermal efficiency. The all-in-one design of the Versa-Hydro Solar results in considerable space and cost savings, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility, energy conservation, and consumer convenience.

Space Savings - Imagine fitting a 80 gallon water heater, 199,000 BTU boiler, and buffer tank into a space as small as 34” diameter. The Versa Hydro Solar does it - and does it well!


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Technical Specs

Versa-Hydro Combination Solar Water Heater - Propane Gas - PHE199-80S-LP Tech and Specs

  • Gallons
  • Gas Type
    Propane Gas
  • Btu Input
  • First Hour Rating (100 Degree F Rise)
    300 GPH
  • Air Intake Size
    2 Inches
  • Exhaust Size
    3 Inches
  • Maximum Water Temperature
    160 F Degrees
  • Water Inlet/Outlet Size
    1 Inch NPT
  • Auxillary Connection
    1 Inch
  • Gas Line Size
    3/4 Inches
  • Diameter (Without Heat Pack)
    23 Inches
  • Height
    72 Inches
  • Weight
    275 pounds
  • Warranty
    12 Year Limited

Versa-Hydro Combination Solar Water Heater - Propane Gas - PHE199-80S-LP Features

  • 96% Thermal Efficiency and 93% Combustion Efficiency
  • Solar Heat Exchanger to connect directly up to solar panels or wood boiler
  • Versa-Hydro – The One Appliance That Does it All
  • Hydraulic Stabilization
  • Highly Efficient Condensing Technology
  • Saves Fuel – Modulation Matters
  • Total System Control
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Space Savings

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