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  • Fernox F5 Boiler Water Cleaner Express Can - 62437

    - 256 ml - Treats 26 gallons

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Fernox F5 - Boiler Cleaner Express Can - 256 ml and treats up to 26 gallons - 62437. 

Cleaner F5 Express is an aerosol product designed to make dosing a system quick and simple with no mess or inconvenience to the user. As with all Fernox Cleaners, Cleaner F5 Express is an effective neutral cleaner.

Cleaner F5 Express has been designed for pre-commission cleaning of new installations in accordance with BS7593:1992, removing flux residues and other installation debris, to help extend the life of a system.

Cleaner F5 Express can be used in conjunction with Fernox Powerflow MKII machine and all known makes of powerflushing machines to remove all debris, sludge and scale from existing systems. In this way, it will restore heating efficiency and eliminate or reduce boiler noise in heavily contaminated systems.

If the system is heavily scaled the use of Fernox DS40 System Cleaner is recommended.
Cleaner F5 Express is a neutral, non-hazardous product that is well inhibited and compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in heating systems.

For continued long term protection the system should be thoroughly cleaned and flushed in accordance with legislation BS7593:1992 and Benchmark using Fernox Cleaner F5 Express, before treating with a Fernox Protector F1. We recommend Protector levels are checked regularly (annually).

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Technical Specs

Fernox F5 Boiler Cleaner Express Can - 62437 Features

  • 1 pint treats up to 26 gallons of Boiler Water
  • Quick ,convenient and simple to use – doses in 30 seconds
  • Added via a radiator adapter or filling loop supplied
  • 100% recyclable can
  • Compatible with all metals and materials including aluminium
  • Removes sludge and scale and restores heating efficiency
  • Removes flux residues and other debris
  • Neutral, non-hazardous and environmentally formulation

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