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  • Fernox F1 Boiler Water Treatment Protector Express Can - 62436

    - 256 ml - Treats 26 gallons - Old Number was 59900

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Fernox F1 Boiler Protector Express Can 265ml and treats up to 26 gallons of boiler water - 62436. 

This item had a recent part number change.  It used to be referred to as 59900.


Fernox Central Heating Protector F1 Express is an aerosol product designed to make dosing a central heating system quick and simple with no mess or inconvenience to the user. As with all Fernox inhibitors, Protector F1 Express provides long term protection of domestic central heating systems against internal corrosion and limescale formation. It prevents corrosion of all metals found in these systems i.e. ferrous metals, copper and copper alloys and aluminium. It is suitable for all types of boiler, radiator and pipe work systems. Fernox Protector F1 Express is compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in central heating systems.

For continued long-term protection we recommend Protector F1 levels are checked regularly (annually). The concentration of the product can be easily measured on site using a Fernox Protector Test Kit. 

If you protect a central heating system using Fernox F1 Protector, after cleaning with Fernox F3 Cleaner, you can restore and maintain system efficiency resulting in a gas saving of up to 15% every time you heat your room. This saving is equivalent to 90 Kg CO2e per typical home per year.


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Technical Specs

Fernox F1 Boiler Water Treatment Protector Express Can - 62436

  • Protects against corrosion and scale in mixed metal central heating systems
  • Quick and convenient – doses in 30 seconds
  • Simple to use with no mess
  • Add via a radiator adapter or filling loop supplied
  • 100% recyclable can
  • 265 ml treats up to 26 gallons of Boiler Water
  • When used in conjunction with Cleaner F3 gas savings of up to 15% can be achieved every time you heat your room
  • Carbon Footprint certified by the Carbon Trust
  • Stops frequent venting of radiators
  • Prevents sticking pumps and boiler noise
  • Reduces maintenance costs and saves on fuel bills
  • Prevents cold spots in radiators
  • Non toxic, environmentally friendly

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