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  • Fernox Express Boiler Commissioning Kit - 62089

    - Treats up to 26 gallons

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Fernox Express Boiler Commissioning Kit that Treats 26 gallons - 62089.

Good practice dictates that hydronic central heating systems should be thoroughly cleaned and flushed before installing a new boiler, after which a chemical inhibitor should be added to ensure the system is protected from corrosion, scale and sludge build-up. These procedures should also be employed when major work is carried out on a system. A clean, protected system helps ensure that the heat generated by the boiler is transmitted efficiently into the house over the long term.

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Fernox Express Boiler Commissioning Kit 62089 Features

  • Treats up to 26 Gallons
  • Maintain the design specification and energy efficiency
  • Restore energy efficiency
  • Inhibit the formation of scale and sludge
  • Minimize corrosion of system metals

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