• Biasi PiroWood Cast Iron Wood Boiler - PIRO 7

    - 112,260 BTU/HR

    Product ID • BIASIPIRO700

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PiroWood’s system is a cast iron, solid fuel, hot water boiler, using the BIASI famous negative pressure Gasification design. This boiler is rugged and engineered for maximum safety and heating efficiency, as well as designed to operate with zero smoke in the house. 

The Biasi Pirowood 35 Wood Boiler burns wood at very high combustion temperature, exceeding 2000°F enabling efficiency that approaches 85%.

The Pirowood 35 boiler makes use the of principle of pyrolysis. The fuel placed in the loading chamber is dried and gassed. The volatile substances which are released in the process generated the combustion gas which burns with a reverse flame in the lower chamber.

The Biasi Pirowood gasification of wood and combustion with reverse flame allow an especially low level of emmissions. The high exchange surface located in the lower part of the generator optimizes the transmission of heat to the water of the system. Mechanical adjustment along with fan control make it possible to regulate the power of the unit to the thermal load of the system. This leads to improved use of the load and hence increased autonomous operation. 

The Pirowood 35 also has advantages of cast iron construction which include; structure with monobloc elements, no internal mechanical stress, resistance to corrosion, self-cleaning finned exchange surfaces.

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Technical Specs

Biasi PiroWood Cast Iron Wood Boiler PIRO 7 Specs

  • Fuel
    Wood (in pieces with relative humidity of 12÷20%)
  • Negative Pressure at Flue (Min/Max
    0.25/0.35 mbar
  • Operating Temperature (Range)
    70-85 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum Permissible Return Temperature
    110 degrees Celsius
  • PMS Maximum Operating Pressure
    4 bar
  • Electrical Power Supply
    230V 50Hz
  • Max. Absorbed Electrical Power
  • Unit Class
    3 n
  • Duration of One Load
    less than 2 hours
  • Diameter of Flue Fitting
  • Water Side Pressure Drop (Delta t = 15° C)
    50 mbar
  • Water Side Pressure Drop (Delta t = 20° C)
    30 mbar
  • Contents of Water in Boiler
    70-88 liters

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